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STARS Advocacy Wellness Group

Sisters Together for Awareness, Renewal and Support© (STARS)

STARS is a women's support group that provides an open and safe environment for members and guests to come together and discuss the concerns, needs, and direction of women in an enlightened time. 


The program is based on the belief that we can be instrumental in helping ourselves, our group, our communities and our world as responsible advocates.


The group meets monthly to share paths and passions with joyful activities in support of a healthful way of living that empowers members individually and collectively. At each meeting members have time for meditation, fun, laughs, and tasks that help members identify where they have been, where they are, and where they want to go. The licensed and experienced meeting coordinator organizes and develops tasks that include thought provoking work to be done through various mediums in order to address personal growth and positively influence the life course of the members as well as their communities. Guest speakers may also attend meetings and share their expertise with the group. Special seminars and events are also offered.


STARS members are also empowered to advocate for initiatives that relate to their own interests as well as network with other groups to lend support to an important cause. 


Requirements for participation include:

  • Attendance of all meetings with notification of absence required

  • Cost paid per meeting

  • Completion of all tasks

  • Complete confidentiality of everything discussed during group meetings

  • Membership in the Georgia Chapter of the Arthritis Foundation


The above requirements must be fully met with a firm commitment to the confidentiality, sanctity and intention of the group. 


If you would be interested in becoming a member of STARS or if you would like to learn more about the STARS program please contact us.  

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